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I am Valeriya Chasova, and I do philosophy and history of physics.

Currently I am studying at the University of Strasbourg the history of the indirect empirical status of theoretical symmetries in physics, namely the relationships between symmetries of actions, equations of motion and conservation laws according to Einstein, Hilbert, Noether and Klein. I am affiliated to the Archives Henri Poincaré.

Recently I have completed at the Université catholique de Louvain a PhD thesis in the ontology of physics under the supervision of Alexandre Guay. My research was devoted to the direct empirical status of theoretical symmetries in physics, i.e.their matching with empirical symmetries in the world.

Beforehand I obtained a Master in philosophy of science from the University Paris-IV – Paris-Sorbonne (now Sorbonne University) and a Bachelor in classical philology (with distinction) from Saint-Petersburg State University. I have also studied structural realism, the meaning and reference of theoretical terms, Gettier cases in epistemology and Plato’s metaphysics of numbers.

Explore the links above or contact me at valeriya.chasova at uclouvain.be.