I have got a 2nd place in the competition for the Prize for Young Researchers 2018 of the Société de Philosophie des Sciences for my article Local symmetries with direct empirical status, gauge symmetries, and the empirical approach [pdf]


Review (in French) of the book Time of Nature and the Nature of Time: Philosophical Perspectives of Time in Natural Sciences, Chr. Bouton and Ph. Huneman (eds.), Springer, 2017, published in the Revue philosophique de Louvain, volume 115 (2017), 4, pp.716-720 [link] [pdf]

Conference paper

Direct and indirect empirical statuses compared to the Newtonian and Leibnizian interpretations of theoretical symmetries in physics, a 9-page paper presented at the 2nd Irvine­-London-­Munich-­PoliMi­-Salzburg (ILMPS) Conference in Philosophy and Foundations of Physics, 02-03/09/2019, available at PhilSci-Archive [link]

Works in progress

A long article on the direct empirical status of theoretical symmetries in physics [draft available]

A short article on the historical aspects of the indirect empirical status of theoretical symmetries in physics [draft available]

A translation of Felix Klein’s article on symmetries and conservation laws in general relativity [in progress]


I am currently editing a special issue on the direct and indirect empirical statuses of theoretical symmetries in physics.

I also have an editing project on the history of the indirect empirical status.


I have made some reviewing for the journal Foundations of Physics (Springer).